[MV] Kim Hyun Jung (김현정) _ Cut At Once (Acoustic) (단칼(Acoustic))

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    [MV] Kim Hyun Jung (김현정) _ Cut At Once (Acoustic) (단칼(Acoustic))

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    1. hojung kim

      개인적으로 단칼은 댄스버전보다 어쿠스틱버전이 좋음

    2. Daedri's Vlogs

      Her vocals are underrated! This deserves more hype

      1. 아우구스투스

        you can't say that again.

      2. mr.daytonameth

        finally another English speaker who loves her!!

      3. Park jihyo

        I mean This was back in 2002

    3. Daedri's Vlogs

      Im early 😃

    4. Daedri's Vlogs

      Im early 😃

    5. Daedri's Vlogs

      I feel so bad 😞 bruh.... Where are the veiws?