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  1. Gió Thiên

    Người việt mình đâu r nhỉ

  2. Mikey


  3. winter

    every skateboard in this MV is more valuable than my life

  4. scavengers 19

    Only southeast asian fans here? Song only for asia?

  5. Jellary Villarama

    Aroha, if we continue str3aming even the promotion is done already we can reach 100M views. It will become their first MV to reach that views. I hope all of you want it. Fighting!!

  6. yuitr loing

    Already surpassing like of zig zag mv... Poor zig zag sunbaenim

  7. Maya Zoe

    i love this song <3

  8. マミ ヒガシ


  9. Michael Rico


  10. 규강현

    Fact : everyone getting obsessed with this song

  11. Hitomi Bread

    for new daileee! 0:19 SOOJIN She the leader and one of the main dancer,her visual is so etheral ,and she also a center,her representative day is SUNDAY 0:47 JIYOON she the 2nd oldest!!she composed and writing some weeekly song too!she a lead vocalist,she very talented!sadly she wont join this promotion bcos she had health problem,her representative day is WEDNESDAY 0:43 MONDAY she the main vocalist , one of the main dancer,and the main rapper,her vocal is rlly good(all of the member is rlly good too ),she really stable and not to mention she main vocal,dancer,and rapper,she my bias!!her representative day is MONDAY(ofc lol) 1:10 SOEUN she the main dancer and lead vocalist!she has a very charming vocal,her dance is reallly good too!her representative day is THIRSDAY and this comeback is representating her day! 0:31 JAEHEE she is the lead rapper of the group,she sometimes sing and her vocal is very good,she also rapping of course ,her representative day is SATURDAY 0:51 JIHAN she the lead dancer,lead vocalist, and visual ,she most likely to be the FOTG(face of the group) since she the most popular member rn,she a huge fan of loona,her representative day is TUESDAY 2:11 ZOA she the maknae ,visual,and main rapper,she the youngest one ofc,even thought she is the youngest member she taller than all of her unnie (except monday and soeun),her representative day is FRIDAY dont forget to check out other track in their new album PLAY GAME : HOLIDAY and also check their other album : WE ARE,WE CAN,WE PLAY!!!

    1. Sayaana T. / 사야나

      thank u ♡♡♡

    2. yuitr loing


  12. Maya Zoe

    tell me baby~

  13. 윤민철

    진짜 ㄹㅇ 너무좋아

  14. STEEZ X

    새벽 그림자 사이에 뜀박질 하는 불빛은 모닥불 같아 선선한 아침의 노을 저기 아래는 우리의 보금자리야 지금의 침묵은 기회일까 내 기댈까 또 그냥 나만의 생각일까 가만히 앉아 있어야 하나 나서볼까 괜히 또 나서는 건 아닐까 반쯤 뜬 태양 위에다 다릴 포개고 앉아서 그냥 가만히 있자 따뜻한 이불 속같이 햇살이 우릴 덮으면 녹아버릴 거야 한밤만 자고 일어나면 금방 돌아올 거야 우리의 어린 밤을 지켜줬던 그 빛일 거야 또 보러 가자 Sitting on the sunshine Sunshine is over me she gets over me Make us feel alive Sunshine is over me she gets over me She will love All the above Past and present, fast forward Who will define Whatever they say We stay the same Eh eh eh 어제도 오늘도 내일도 우리는 앞으로 이렇듯 이렇게 Sitting on the sunshine Sunshine is over me she gets over me Make us feel alive Sunshine is over me she gets over me She will love All the above Past and present, fast forward Who will define Whatever they say We stay the same Eh eh eh

  15. 수아

    Let's boating

  16. hanriars

    it's look like we'll have 5M today

  17. अनिल कुमार द्विवेदी

    Errbody say la la la la

  18. Intan Muthiaa

    loveeee astroo!!!

  19. Reckless Astronaut


  20. Timothy Ford

    Someone buy these girls a putter! Fun song and great job.

  21. Zyrah JHS

    dadating ung araw na aangat ulit 'tong group na 'to, istg!!!!!

  22. ldm97star

    TELL ME BABY 오늘 뭐해 ♥♥

  23. salma fahriah haniah

    who dis

  24. 김수민

    언니 진짜 사랑해💖

  25. Devej prabhakar

    160 million views is not enough for this song

  26. 黄金色の霜月

    elsa ngerecokin andin aja jangan ngerecokin golcha

  27. rose palmiano

    LET'S SHOW THE POWER OF MADROHAS.. never give up rohas.. we can do this as long as we come as one we can overcome all of it .. follow the proper guidelines on strE4ming and vote for astro.. FIGHTING

  28. Zyrah JHS


  29. Sally Seashelly


  30. Seokhyun Won

    붉은색 푸른색 그 사이 ‘3초’ 그 ‘짧은’시간 노란색 빛을 내는 저기 저 ‘ ‘

  31. Hiba Armyexo

    I had a chill of greatness. 💓💓🤕🔥

  32. jhd446

    연출부로(음향) 참여했던 작품입니다 드디어 나왔네요 기달렸습니다!

  33. Fan Mo

    love this bright concept

  34. Minmin Rdz

    Creo que no me cansaré de escuchar esta joya 👌

  35. a 90


  36. Zyrah JHS


  37. KD Channel


  38. Zyrah JHS


  39. 아현

    와 진짜 시티팝 최고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  40. Halimah Herman

    Oh my girl:jiho

  41. 수진이 사랑하는 듯


  42. HHeLiBeBCNO

    와 진짜ㅠㅠㅠㅠ롳데리아 갔는데 이 노래 나오뮤ㅠㅠㅠㅠ감격.....

  43. Chio초이

    너무 고급지다 얄미울 정도야 공연 좀 가자 미운 코로나,😅

  44. Leno

    1.178.444 !!! Fighting!!

  45. 오르보 지

    한편의 영화

  46. America AROHA

    Go arohaaaaas vamooos


    Jackson is so mean I know he's joking but poor monstax

  48. Fitri Permata Wahyuni

    Fighting Rohaa!!

  49. 알렉스

    니스들 화이팅!

  50. Perfect Midnight

    To non Arohas who takes time to watch Astro's new music video, thank you so much. And to AROHAs who's streaming from day 1, you all are doing great. I'm so proud of you. Heart heart

  51. vicente blanco

    Bora, Yuju, Jiwon, Haeyoon, May, Remi, Chaerin and Linlin, Kokoro, Mire ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Alejandra Leal

    Físicamente estoy en mi cuarto escuchando After Midnight, mentalmente estoy con ASTRO bailando la canción... (~ ̄³ ̄)~

  53. Saepul Anwar

    Semakin cinta dengan Weekly, Sukses terus weekly

    1. Panda Daileee 4


  54. Alate Choco


  55. Ryuwinnie <3

    46 Tendencia!! I love Weeekly♡♡♡

  56. Heru Fi

    Produce101 - yum yum

  57. Hannia Villa

    what a good song I really like <3

  58. S

    one girl sounds exactly like taeyeon, idk her tho

  59. MarkusFeindt

    I stan Weeekly and they’re talented but they really need a break tho like they comeback like every 2-4 months like it’s great and all but they need a longer rest than this it’s like they release an MV and then either 2-4 months later a new comeback give these girls a break plz

    1. twiceuuu

      they are rookies so they are trying to build a strong fanbase along with the success of “after school” so I don’t see any problem, the company has a great strategy.

  60. Nhug Vương


  61. 남연꽃

    귀여워 죽겠네

  62. Susan Sachsel

    Thank you standing egg

  63. Pía C. Armijo

    listo, los amo, me voy a footprint!

  64. 쏭쏭 위클리

    #29 on Trending in Music here in PH Yeahhh it keeps on rising

  65. Hobi mi príncipe

    Amo esta canción

  66. V.I.P Dance

    me with my family=🙂🤪 me with my friends😂😅 me in my room=😭😭😣😣😔😔😫 ME WITH MUSIC = ❤️❤️❤️😊❤️❤️❤️

  67. Swarupa Magar

    Best ost & best drama

  68. mami higashi


  69. wolverine

    Kaya ba natin today 1thek bestie

  70. Sunnie

    200K likes 5M vi3ws Fighting Dailee

  71. Cesar Castro Karina

    fan de su existir

  72. flèur

    90M soon

  73. Neplynnfred Luke


  74. Ocean S

    Astro is summer kings!#SWITCH_ON #After_Midnight #ASTRO #아스트로

  75. Gabriela Noelia Torres Huamani

    Me gusta la paleta de colores de los atuendos


    Go and vote weeekly in idol CHAMP dailees